Monday, November 25, 2013

Long have I desired to look upon the kings of old, my kin.

Argonath (34th station; Brooklyn bound 2,3 & 1 trains)

Argonath (City Hall station; downtown 1, 2& 3 trains)

Argonath (28th street station; downtown 6 train)

Argonath (23rd street station; uptown 6 train)

Argonath (28th street station; uptown 6 train)

Argonath (33rd street station; uptown 6 train)

Argonath (Bergen street station; Manhattan 2 & 3 trains)

Argonath (7th Ave station Brooklyn; Coney Island bound B & Q trains)

Argonath (7th Ave station Brooklyn; Manhattan bound B & Q trains)

Argonath (Grand Army Plaza station; Manhattan bound 2 & 3 trains)

Argonath (Bergen street station; Manhattan bound 2 & 3 trains)

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