Sunday, January 4, 2015

Come back! To Mordor we will take you!

A new card for 2015! Introducing the "PUCK MordorCard" Keep an eye out for them on station benches, on train seats, platform rails, subway entrances, bus stops and in Metro-card machines everywhere around the city. Good Journey & Good luck finding one. Cheers! ~ Puck

"Come back! To Mordor we will take you!" - The Nazgûl, The Fellowship of the Ring

Mordorcard (14th street station; uptown 1, 2 & 3 trains)

Mordorcard (Uptown 1 train; Car#2371)
Mordorcard (Uptown 1 train; Car#2245)

Mordorcard (Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum station; Manhattan bound 2 & 3 trains)

Mordorcard (The Smoke Joint;  Fort Greene Brooklyn)

Mordorcard (Prospect Park station; Manhattan bound D & Q trains)

Mordorcard (SE corner Columbus Circle & 5th Ave entrance; 2 & 3 train)

Mordorcard (Broadway/W61st; uptown M104, M7 & M5 bus stop)

Mordorcard (NW of Washington Ave & Eastern Parkway station entrance; 2 & 3 train)
Mordorcard (5Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum station; Manhattan bound 2 & 3 trains)

Middle EarthCard & Mordorcard (Barclay center/Atlantic Ave station, NE corner of 4th & Pacific street; Outside elevator)

Mordorcard (Lincoln Center/ 66th street station, SE corner of Broadway 7 66th street entrance; downtown 1 train)

Mordorcard (Madison Ave/E 32 Street; BxM11 uptown bus)

Mordorcard (5th Ave station; 7 train)

Mordorcard (Chambers street station; uptown bound 1, 2 & 3 trains)

Mordorcard (Prospect Park street station; Manhattan bound Q & D trains)

Mordorcard (Bergen street station; Brooklyn bound 2 & 3 trains)

Mordorcard (Vanderbilt Ave/Park Pl; B69 bus line.)

Mordorcard (23d street station; uptown 1 train.)

Mordorcard (59th/Columbus Circle station; downtown A, B, C & D trains)

Mordorcard (Chambers station; uptown 1, 2 & 3 trains)

Mordorcard (7th Ave station; downtown B, D & E trains)

Mordorcard (Barclays Center/Atlantic Ave station; Brooklyn Bound N & D trains)

PUCK MordorCard (2015)

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